Duplicate records in Prospect table in SQL Server cause TIE nightly refresh to fail

 In TIE (The Information Edge), users discover that the nightly refresh failed during the creation of the Constituent table due to a Primary Key violation. It was found that one particular record's System ID was duplicated in the Prospect table, both holding that system ID as their foreign key. Users may also find that each Prospect ID had a corresponding set of Ratings in the Ratings table. However, only the ratings for one of the Prospect IDs are correct. From the front end of the RE database, everything looks correct, only showing the one Prospect system ID that shows the correct corresponding Ratings.

If you encounter this issue in the latest version and patch of Raiser's Edge please contact support and reference this article.


 7.91.5056, patch 9 ; Duplicated in 7.91.5056, patch 16

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