To create a new template:
  1. Navigate to Communications > Mail Specific Features > eMail Template Library
  2. Click New
  3. Enter a name for the template
  4. Enter a brief description
  5. Select a category
    • Note: The eMail Template Library stores default Sphere template categories in addition to your organization’s user defined categories.
  6. Click Submit
    • The Content Editor appears
  7. Define email content, or import content
  8. Verify that the template is added to the eMail Template Library list
    • Note: For customers who have multi-tiered Sphere accounts, all of your child accounts can access categories and content created at the parent level.
To modify an existing email template
Note: You can only save changes to custom email templates in this section. Make changes to Sphere default templates when you create individual mailings and save the changes to the Mail Content Library.
  1. In the Template Library page, highlight the name of a custom email template
  2. Select Edit
  3. Make the necessary changes
Note: Additional details for adding templates to the eMail Template Library
To use an existing email template:
  1. When working in the content editor of the mailing or eNewsletter, click Load Existing Template
  2. Choose the desired Template and click Select
    • The template will load all pre-configured content into the content editor window
  3. Make any changes as needed
  4. Save