There can be a slight delay between Education Edge sending the School Year data to NetCommunity. It may take a few hours for the sync to complete. If you try to the below steps and the behavior persists, you likely need to wait for the sync to complete.
  1. Verify the Academic Year is added in The Education Edge
    1. Click on Configuration > Academic Years
    2. Verify/Add the new academic year
    3. For more details on adding a new academic year please refer to our article, How to add an academic year
  2. Verify the Academic Year is included on the Online Admission (OLA) form in NetCommunity
    1. Log in to the NetCommunity site
    2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
    3. Click the pencil icon to edit the form
    4. Click the pencil icon to edit the school year field on the form under selected elements to the right
    5. Mark the checkbox to include the new academic year in the available list values
    6. Click Save
    7. Click Save and Close
  3. Delete the field and add it back
    1. While editing the form, click the red x next to the field
    2. Locate the field in the left hand side and drag/drop it back to the form
    3. Edit the field and confirm if the new year is available
  4. Verify that The Education Edge installation on the Raiser's Edge Web Services (REWS) server is updated to the same version and patch as the rest of the Education Edge installation
    1. On the REWS server, log into The Education Edge
    2. Apply any pending updates that prompt for installation