In some instances it is possible to stop a mailing and in others it is not.  Here are the different mailing scenarios and whether or not they can be stopped.

1. If an eMail or eNewsletter was sent using the Send Now option in the Schedule screen:
Once Send Now is clicked this immediately starts the process of sending the mailing.  At the time this is clicked there is not a capacity to stop the mailing from sending, either at all or to those recipients that have not received it yet.
2. If an eMail or eNewsletter shows as In Process as the Status:
If a mailing is showing a Status of In Process, Chat With Support right away.  In some instances we can still stop a mailing in this Status if it has not already gone to our mailing queue.  However, if it has reached the mailing queue we can no longer stop it at that point.
3. If an eMail or eNewsletter is Scheduled and has not arrived at the scheduled time:
As long as the mailing has not reached the scheduled start time, it can be stopped by doing the following:

1. Mark the checkbox next to your mailing you want to stop
2. Click the Duplicate button

Note: This creates a duplicate of your mailing setup for adjustment and sending at a later time, as needed

3. Mark the checkbox next to your mailing you want to stop again
4. Click the Delete button
5. Confirm you want to delete it