BBEC is unable to edit or re-commit batches, that have already been committed, due to the idea of securing historical data.  Batches that have been committed hold records that have already been added to the database and thus we're not allowed to make changes in this batch or reapply the same records as this would cause duplicate records to be created.  The committed batches tab simply allows us the ability to review historical data/batches that have been processed for our review for whatever reasons we may need. 

To commit new records we will need to create a new batch, enter the records, and then commit that new batch.  If there are records that threw exceptions we'll also have to create a new batch to enter these records and commit it after resolving the reason for the exception, unless of course we selected to have a new batch created for our exceptions.  Should we need to update or edit records that were successfully committed via the original batch we will have to either manually update/edit those records or we'll have to create a new batch that is of the update type.  For instance we have both an Add Constituent batch type as well as an Update Constituent batch type.  One is used to add records while the other is used to update records.