1. Create a formula (BB131216) named Solicitor Group as follows:

    if inStr({Act.Act_Solicitor(s)},";")>0 then left({Act.Act_Solicitor(s)}, inStr({Act.Act_Solicitor(s)}, ";")-1) else {Act.Act_Solicitor(s)}
  2. Go to Insert > Group
  3. Select to group on the Solicitor Group formula created in Step #1 in ascending order
  4. Go to Insert > Subreport
  5. Create an Action Subreport (BB61682) that will house the desired action information in the Details section (ex: Action Date, Solicitor, Type etc)
  6. Insert the Action Subreport into the Group Header section (grouped on the Solicitor Group formula) and expand it to the full width of the section
  7. Right-click on the Action Subreport and select Change Subreport Links
  8. Select the Solicitor Group formula
  9. In the bottom right, link it to Action Solicitor Name field
  10. Click OK
  11. Right-click on the Action Subreport again and select Edit Subreport
  12. Go to Report > Selection Formulas > Record
  13. Delete the current formula and change it to be:

    inStr({Act.Act_Solicitor(s)}, {?Pm-@Solicitor Group})>0
  14. Click Save and Close, then OK
  15. Insert a Group in the subreport to sort actions based on desired criteria (ex: Solicitor Name or Action Date)
  16. Suppress all blank sections not needed in the subreport
  17. Return to the Main report, right-click on the Action Subreport and select Format Subreport
  18. On the Common tab of the Format Editor, unmark Keep Object Together
  19. Click OK
  20. Preview the report and format the Action Subreport as desired