1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
  2. Hover over your event's name and select Webinfo Checklist
  3. Click Advanced Confirmation Setup, in the "Simple Confirmation Setup Registration Confirmation Text and Details"  section
  4. In the confirmation setup window that appears, click Use Advanced Confirmation Setup.
  5. Click Edit for Donation Confirmation.
  6. Click Use Customized Text if you want to use your own text (feel free to click Load Default Email, if this is the first time you are enabled the advanced set up)
  7. Click Edit Email to open the Content Editor, and then type your donation confirmation text.
  8. Complete the Subject Line text box.
  9. Verify the information in the From Name, Reply To, and From Email text boxes are accurate.
  10. To enter event information, click the yellow EF can/barrel and select the appropriate fields
  11. Click Save in the Content Editor.
  12. Click the arrow for Return to the previous page.
  13. Confirm that you have saved your changes.
  14. In the Manage Event Communication Emails window, select the Enable this type of confirmation email for this initiative check box.
  15. Preview the confirmation text by clicking the HTML or Text link. Close the preview window when done.
  16. Click Save in the Manage Event Confirmation Emails window.