The Blackbaud Forms team can be contacted at 866.422.3676 or by email at

Additional information is available on Blackbaud's forms website.
Please keep the following in mind when purchasing tax forms:

  • You must use a laser printer, therefore, the forms must be laser printer compatible.
  • FundWare only supports the use of blank forms. All information including the gridlines will print on the form.

Forms available through Blackbaud are:


  •  W2 forms

       o Form LW2BLANK4 (blank 4-up form with instructions) 
       o Envelope ELW2DW4S(self-seal double window)        
       o Envelope ELW2DW4 (double window) 

  • 1099 forms

     o  Form L99BLANK3 (blank 3-up form with side perforation). 
     o  Envelope  E99DWS (self-seal double window). 
     o  Envelope  E99DW (double window). 
     o  Envelope  E99SW (single window).