Adding a new Revision column allows you to adjust your budget amounts, but still view the original budget in the first revision column.  For Detailed instructions for this procedure, refer to the Budget Preparation Guide.

As long as the accounts in the final budget area have not been posted to General Ledger,  you can still update the budget information, if necessary.

  1. Open the appropriate secondary worksheet.
  2. Edit the budget information in the revision column submitted to the final budget area.
  3. Click Save to store your changes. These changes are submitted automatically to the final budget area.
  4. If you open the final budget area, you will see you updated budget information. You must redistribute the adjusted amount. (The difference is reflected in the remainder.)
Note:  Once a worksheet has been submitted to the Final Budget Area, and the amounts distributed and posted to GL, amounts can no longer be changed in the original worksheet.  Budget amounts, once posted to GL, can only be changed in the Final Budget Area.