Ensure you have a valid backup of the database before proceeding, or test this in a copy of the division.

Try each of the following until the issue is resolved:
  1. Make sure everyone is logged out of FundWare
  2. Browse to the FundWare\7.x\Bin directory
  3. Double click PRCheckMaint.exe
  4. Choose correct Division from drop down and click Start
  5. Save the report if needed, Click Exit
Run the Bank Reconciliation Check Report again including only Outstanding checks, if the issue is not resolved continue with the steps below:
  1. Browse to the Fundware\Data directory
  2. Delete the following 6 files, where ## = Division number:
  3. Log into System Administration [Division 00]
  4. Select System Utilities
  5. Run Program PYL937 with No Switches and No Parameters
  6. Business date can be today, Select your Division
  7. Enter Bank ID.  Note: If your Bank ID is in Caps, it must be typed the same way here.  If typed correctly, the Bank Name will display
  8. You MUST answer 'Y' to Print all records and a report, BRPOST.L## will be produced. The report can later be deleted if your check report produces correctly.
  9. Step 5 must be run for each payroll bank in the Division
  10. Run the Bank Reconciliation Check Report again