Batch numbers can appear to skip if "Batch is recurring" is marked on the Batch Header tab of the batch set-up. If a new batch is created, Batch is recurring is checked, and then the batch is committed, the committal will go to the next available batch number and not the visible one. This may create a gap in listed batch numbers and/or on committed records.

To view the history of used batch numbers:
  1. Open the batch.
  2. Click on Tools in the top menu bar.
  3. Select Edit batch set-up.
  4. On the Batch Header tab, click History beside Batch is recurring.
To prevent this, ensure Batch is recurring is not marked when creating new batches for single use/committals.


The batch number may have been used but then deleted. To determine if the batch was deleted, you may view a list of batches including deleted batch numbers. You may reset the starting batch number in Configuration if desired.