If the checks have been logged, if the PYSTUB report is deleted it cannot be re-produced.  The EFTs will have to be deleted/voided and then recreated to re-produce the report.

An alternate report that could be run to give employees their check detail is the Check History Report, run for the payroll date.  It lists the data items on the eft (or check if it was the check file) and the net of the eft.

If the PYSTUB was deleted and checks have not been logged, the payroll can be set back to pre-cut status in System Utilities and the file produced again.

System Utilities in Division 00 can be run with  Program Name:  PYL935 Switches: Blank  Parameters: Blank.
Use the default Business Date and select your division, the select Run.  Hit enter through the sequence number and select the bank.
After the program completes, the payroll run will be back at the calculate net pay step and after selecting checkwriting, all the normal reports including PYSTUB will be reproduced.