Example scenario:  Find the largest amount that any constituent has given cumulatively in a year between 2000 - 2010.

1.  Create a new constituent query to find constituents that have donated at least $1 between 1/1/00 - 12/31/10 using whatever gift types are applicable

2.  Create a new constituent export based on the query created in Step 1. 

a.  in the export, output the desired fields for these constituents:  name, constituent ID, address information, etc.
b.  additionally, export the summary giving totals for each of the years in the date range you are concerned with (in this case, 2000 - 2010)

3.  After you've exported the data to Excel, write a formula to find the largest total giving amounts for the constituents in each of the years.  Let's say that their total giving amounts are located in Columns G-P.  Put your cursor in cell R1 and type the following formula:  =MAX(G1:P1).  So, in cell R1, you'll now see the largest total giving amount for the first constituent in your file.  Then, just copy this formula down through the rest of the spreadsheet.

4.  Sort your Excel spreadsheet by column R (in this example) so that all of the max total giving amounts are arranged in order.  Go through the spreadsheet and separate the different giving 'categories' by a couple blank rows or something similar. Then, if you need to separate those groups into different spreadsheets, just copy and paste the data.