If using Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS) as the payment gateway, follow these steps to add additional Account Configurations (settings) to be used with your software products:
  1. Log into the BBMS Web Portal https://bbms.blackbaud.com
  2. From Account Management, click General settings
  3. From Account Configurations > Click Add configuration 
  4. Complete all of the fields necessary to complete the Account Configuration (marked with asterisks) 
  5. Click Save

Note: If you use multiple Blackbaud programs, you add the merchant account configuration to the Blackbaud Payment Service through only one of those programs.  For example, if you use both Blackbaud NetCommunity and The Raiser's Edge 7 when you add the merchant account configuration through one program or through BBMS, it automatically appears as an available account configuration in the other program. Certain programs such as Luminate, TeamRaiser, eTapestry and OnProducts will require a manual addition of this Account Configuration. Since multiple products can use a merchant account configuration, you cannot delete them through a Blackbaud program. Consult your product team support for any questions regarding adding an Account Configuration/Merchant Account.

For more information, please review the Blackbaud Payment Service Configuration Guide and How to set up Blackbaud Merchant Services.