There are two possible scenarios that would explain why there are multiple charges showing. If the organization is able to see the payments on a Payment Details Report, the ghost payments will disappear in a few days, as soon as the bank has sorted out the authorizations. The cause of this happening is due to the way the charges are authorized; it appears to the bank's system that there were multiple charges. However, there really was only one transaction, despite what it may seem. The donor will need to talk to their bank, or wait several days for the records to correct themselves.

The other possible scenario for this occurring is when the organization does not see any payment in their system from the donor. In this case, it is generally an issue with the charge having failed, and the bank then decided that it was a fraud attempt and pulled the entire transaction. The payment will not show up in the organization's Sphere account because it was removed as invalid. Again, the ghost transactions will be removed in several days.

Finally, the soft descriptor will not be set correctly until the ghost transactions are dropped off and the bank has the correct payment. This is why a lot of blank soft descriptor or BLK*BLACKBAUD soft descriptors are being reported.