To include this information in a Class export:

  1. In Export, create a new Class export.
  2. On the Filters tab, filter the classes using the Class query.
  3. On the Output tab, expand Students, Student, and select Import ID.

To include this information in a Class query:
  1. In Configuration, create a Student attribute for the Import ID.  Select Text in the Data Type field.
  2. Create a new Student query.  Select the necessary fields on the Criteria tab. 
  3. On the Output tab, expand Student Properties and select Import ID. 
  4. Export the query as a CSV file. 
  5. Open the exported file in Excel and add the a column for Attribute Type and a column for Attribute Description. In the Attribute type column, list the name of the attribute created in Step 1.  For Attribute Description, list the students' import IDs (copy the import IDs in the first column and paste into this column).
  6. Save and close this file.
  7. Import the attributes
  8. To include this attribute in the Class query, select the Output tab, then expand Students, Attributes, [New attribute from Step 1], [New attribute] description.