Use the following steps to correct this error:

1) The report path is too long. It can not exceed 25 characters total. This includes the drive letter, comma and all slashes. D:\Fundware\Data\Reports\UserName would be too long. Shorten it to D:\Fundware\UserName and move the folder as needed.

2) The path in Print Manager does not match the report path in user security.

  • Verify the path in User Security.
  • Then log into Fundware AS THE USER who is getting the error.
  • Go to File, select Print Manager.
  • Cancel the 'Open' dialog box and go to File,select Set Report Directory.
  • Insure it matches the path in User Security

3) The report folder specified in User Security and Print Manager does not exist. Create the Folder in the location specified.

4)Check for an error log, as the message may indicate the report could not be produced due to a file error. For example, the error received when trying to run GL reports may be due to an error on a GL data file.

5) Try using an override to produce a standard Fundware report and see if there is a different error. Continue to solve the issue based on that error.  To run any Standard GL Report , override GLS800,n,n can be used.

6) Try running reports in other modules such as Accounts Payable or Payroll. That would help pinpoint whether the issue involves the report path or a module's Report setup.