Sponsorships in Sphere not coming through the Connector

When a Sponsorship was entered into Blackbaud Sphere within a Friends Asking Friends event and it did not come through the Connector during a sync.
As of the 9.4.2 release of Blackbaud Sphere on April 23, 2013, Sponsorship information can be synced from Sphere to Raiser's Edge.  A new Connector installation is required to take advantage of this enhancement.  There is also a setting that needs to be enabled on the Sphere side to ensure that Sponsorships sync, if desired.

To enable Event Sponsors, please do the following:
  1. Go to Control > Administration > Connector Sync
  2. Under the Admin tab, mark the checkbox for Event Sponsors under "Events"
  3. Click Save
Note: Once this feature is enabled and you have the latest version of the Connector, no further action is required to allow Sponsorships to come through.  Any Sponsorships made after this feature is enabled will be brought over on the next sync that is initiated in the Blackbaud Sphere Connector and will appear under the Event Registrations link.

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