Totals on financial statement for variances are incorrect

The totals on financial statement for variances or percent variances are incorrectly showing negative and/or positive signs for favorable/unfavorable figures that may be showing the opposite sign. 

Variance columns only look to see if there is an increase or decrease.  They do not recognize settings within the Visual Chart Organizers that "Show debit balance as" positive or negative.
This difference may result from the VCO having revenue accounts located within the expense sections or the reverse.  The revenues and expenses must be separate section in order for the report to correctly display the   favorable/unfavorable figures consistently.

1. General Ledger > Reports > Open the Report
2. Note the Visual Chart Organizer / Chart template being used on the first tab
3. Open the VCO used on the report within the Visual Chart Organizer section on the left
4. Change the VCO to Design view in the upper left hand corner
5. Check through the Expense sections in question (based on the rows that were different on the report) and Move or Remove Account Detail sections under expenses that filter on revenue accounts and re-locate them to a revenue section. 
      a. Locate one of the sections in question
      b. Expand the levels until you are on the account detail definition section
      c. At the bottom, click the account detail definition tab to see the detail
      d. Edit the section to ensure revenue and expense accounts are not mixed/overlapping
      e. Repeat for any other sections
6. Locate the main expense header (usually located at level 1 or 2) 
7. Click to highlight it
8. At the bottom on the header tab, ensure the Category is listed as Expense and not Income Statement
9. Repeat for the Revenue section as well, ensuring there are no expenses mixed in and the Category for the main revenue header is Revenue and not Income Statement
10. Save and close the VCO.
11. Re-run the report

* Can also remove the Variance selection from the Column, and instead use mathematical function to subtract the two columns


 7.82.104, patch 18

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