Two donors bid the same amount on an Auction item and the last to bid won

An Auction has been created and enabled through Commerce > Auction in Blackbaud Sphere. After the bidding is closed and the Auction is ended, the winners and total amounts are calculated. For one Auction item, two donors have entered the same Maximum Bid that the item was won for. The original bidder should have won the item, but the timestamps on the bids indicate the most recent bidder as the winner and prompts his or her card to be charged.

Example: Starting bid for an auction item is $10.
  1. Donor A bids first and enters a maximum bid of $50.
    • Since no other bids have been placed, the current bid remains at $10.
  2. Donor B, on a later date, enters the same maximum bid of $50.
    • Donor B will receive an onscreen notice saying "You have been outbid by another bidder! Enter another bid below in order to win the item."
    • A higher bid is automatically generated on Donor A's behalf and he remains the highest bidder, since this was the original bid and no higher bids have been placed.
    • The bid price now jumps up to $50 since two donors are willing to pay the same amount.
    • The timestamp in reports for Donor A's bid now changes since the system automatically generated this bid at a later date on his behalf.
  3. The auction is closed by a Sphere User.
    • Donor A remains the highest bidder, so he wins the auction item and his credit card will automatically be charged $50.



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