1. Navigate to Content>Content Management System
  2. Hover over your website and click Manage Website
  3. Navigate to Content Management>Site Structure>Folder View
  4. Click on New and select Forms
  5. Choose the form type form and click Continue
  6. Enter a Title for your Form
  7. Click Select and choose a link location
  8. Click the Event Selection tab and choose an event from the dropdown
  9. Make any other desired changes
  10. Mark the box for Publish Immediately and click Create
If you wish to add wrapper content to the form:
  1. Once the form has been created and published
  2. Click on the form itself to open it and continue editing it in the CMS site
  3. Click the Advanced tab
  4. Expand Design options
  5. Click Create under Wrapper Content
  6. It will open a new window. Content will be added to the Body tab.
  • Note: Do not remove the *****CONTENT****** line. This represents the form in the wrapper. What you add must be above, or below, this line.