How to Add the individual to the Family:

  1. Navigate to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon 
  2. Hover over Event Name and select Event Admin
  3. Click  Manage Family and Family Members
  4. Select the individual you wish to move
  5. Click Move Participant
  6. Find the Team, highlight and save.

The new Family member can now be added to the Family Team (if one was created at the time of the original family's registration) either through Event Admin or through the participant's HQ.  Without completing this step, the new member will not show through the event's website under the Team page.

Adding the individual to the Family's team through Event Admin:

  1. Go to Event Admin > Manage Teams and Team Members
  2. Click Individual Participant Group
  3. Click the newest family member's last name (he or she will show here if no team was selected at the time of registration)
  4. Click Move Participant
  5. Select the Family Team

Adding the individual to the Family's team through Participant HQ:

  1. Log into HQ
  2. Click Edit My Profile
  3. Choose the correct Family Team for 'To join another Team, select the Team name in the dropdown box'
  4. Click Update