In configuration of the donation form you must first add an appeal for the gift, click Add Source under Sources. With this information, your organization can manage how donors learn about donating through the website.
  1. To include an appeal, click Add Appeal in the Appeal column. The Appeal Search screen appears so you can select an appeal.
  2. In the Display Name field, enter the name of the appeal as it will appear on the website. By default, the text entered in the Appeal Name field on the appeal record defaults in the Display Name field.
  3. Note: If a Default Appeal is Marked, this will override the appeal in the URL
  4. To hide an appeal from the How did you hear about our site field, clear the checkbox for the appeal in the Display column.
  5. When you do this, you can add source information to the end of a URL in an email that navigates the recipient to your donation page. For example, create a link to your donation page in an email message. At the end of the URL, add &source=camp. When the recipient clicks the link, the How did you hear about our site field does not appear on the page. The appeal stores automatically based on the source information in the URL.
  6.  If the Display checkbox is selected for the appeal and a user navigates to the donation page via a URL without source information, the How did you hear about our site field appears on the page.
  7. Note: The source information must include the appeal ID from The Raiser’s Edge. For example, if the appeal ID in The Raiser’s Edge is Annual2008, add &source=Annual2008 to the end of the URL. If the appeal ID includes a space, replace the space  with a %20. For example, if the appeal ID is CAMP LETTER add &source=CAMP%20LETTER.
  8. Note: If you are using a friend URL, use ?source=APPEALID. If you are using a PID url, use &source=APPEALID.
  9.  To require users to select a source, select Source is a required field. If you select this checkbox, you must select the Display checkbox for at least one appeal. To add additional appeals, click Add Source. Another row appears in the grid for you to select another appeal.

Additional Notes:
  • This method cannot be used to assign an appeal package. Appeal packages must be assigned once the transaction is in batch in The Raiser's Edge.
  • This method cannot be used in conjunction with the Giving Search part.
  • This method cannot be used with the Donation Form Mini as it only allows for one Appeal to be added in the form settings.