Here are the steps to insert anchors into a page:

1. Decide what points you want your visitors to be able to go to when they click on a link at the top of the page.
Usually these will be sub-headings at the start of each section.

2. Click to the left of each of these sub-headings, click the anchor icon in the editor’s menu and insert a name for the anchor.
Make this either the same as the sub-heading or an abbreviation of it. When you click insert you will see a little anchor symbol appear next to the sub-heading.
This is only a marker in the editor and will not be visible to the public.

3. After you have created the anchors go back to the top of the page and create the bulleted list of hyperlinks.
The list items should contain the same text as the sub-headings that you are linking to.

4. Working with each list item in turn:
*Highlight the text that will form the link.
*Click the Bookmark link icon in the editor menu.
*Click the drop down arrow on the Bookmark field and select the anchor you wish to link to.
*Add the Link Text – once again the same as the sub-heading text.
*Click Submit.