If an automatic or manual sync was performed in the Sphere Connector but the options under Import are not available to click on afterwards, try doing the following:

Re-run the sync manually
  1. Login to Raiser's Edge
  2. Click on the Sphere button
  3. Click Scheduler
  4. Click Initiate Sync Now
You will need to wait until the Log tab in the sync shows a log of "Sync xx: Finished".  Below that you should also see a log that states "Log xx: Imported X transaction records".  Once these display, you can close the Integration Control Panel window and click Refresh next to View to see if the Import options you need are now available.

Verify Mapping in Sphere
  1. Login to Sphere
  2. Go to Control > Administration > Connector Synch
  3. Verify that the Sphere -> Connector options are properly set
  4. Click the Mapping tab
  5. Verify on each screen that the mapping for each segment of a record are mapped correctly
  6. Make any necessary changes
  7. Re-run your manual Sync in Raiser's Edge
If these options still do not allow for you to access any options underneath Import in the Sphere Connector in Raiser's Edge, please contact customer support for a representative to look more in-depth for you.