For Single Step Donation Forms

  1. Go to Communities > Forms: Single Step Donation
  2. Hover over your form's name and select Webinfo Checklist
  3. Click Donation Form Options*
  4. Click the Confirmation Text tab
  5. Mark or Un-mark the notification box
  6. Click Save
  7. On the Webinfo Checklist, Click the green "Publish This Event Now" button.

For Thon Events

  1. Go to Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon
  2. Find your event
  3. Hover over the event name and select Website Info
  4. Click Website Features
  5. Find the section labeled: "Sponsor a Participant - Search and Donate to an event participant"
  6. Put a check in the box labeled: "Send me email notification for new donations"
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save
  8. Go back to the Website Creation Checklist (Webinfo Checklist)
  9. Click the green button labeled "Publish This Event Now"