All Blackbaud products, upgrades, and patches are digitally certified to verify upon installation that they are from Blackbaud and can be trusted to be secure and virus free. In order to ensure our products remain secure, we periodically rotate our digital certificates. Our current digital certificate will expire Sunday. We have obtained a new certificate, created new builds/patches validated with it, and made them available on the web site.

The new certificate means that any upgrades or patches previously downloaded from the web site prior to Monday May 16, 2011 will not complete if clients attempt to run them after Monday. The solution is to download the latest certified version of the upgrade or patch they want to install from the downloads page.

Users who have already downloaded the “clickonce” client components and accessed the application will be unaffected unless they clear the application cache. Anyone who clears the app cache, as well as anyone who downloads and runs the click-once components for the first time after Monday May 16, 2011 will receive a warning that the install is uncertified. To allow the click once components to run select Run and the download to login will continue.
 If errors still occur remove the Internet Option to Check for publisher's certification revocation
  1. Within Internet Explorer select Tools/Internet Options
  2. Select the Advanced Tab
  3. Under Security uncheck 'Check for publisher's certification revocation'
  4. Select OK
  5. Attempt to login again