Step One: Delete the Update in the Connector
  1. Mark the update
  2. Click Delete (the Connector will not let you process it or re-link it)

Step Two: Manage the existing Raiser's Edge record
If the record was deleted, you may proceed to Step Three.  If the record was merged:
  1. Open the constituent record
  2. Go to the Attributes tab
  3. In the Attribute for SphereConstituentIdentifer, remove the value under Description
  4. Click Save and Close
Step Three: Manage the Sphere record

  1. Go to Contacts > Individuals
  2. Search for the supporter
  3. If duplicate records exist, we recommend merging them by the following:
    • Mark the duplicate records (you can do 2 at a time)
    • Click Merge
    • In the Pop Up, Select which to keep and which to move
    • Click Merge.  Repeat as needed.  Please note that there can be a delay in displaying the merge.
  4. On the search results page, hover over Manage and click Manage Contact
  5. Click the Profile tab
  6. Click the Custom Fields sub-tab
  7. Click Edit
  8. Remove the value from the re_system_identifier field
  9. Click Save
The records will need to be re-linked manually through the next sync's Sign Up Requests.