To run a report on unsubscribed email address for your eMail or eNewsletter campaigns, do the following:

  1. Select Control > Reports > Communication > eNewsletter Activities.

The Default Report:eNewsletter activities page appears.

Note: Although the menu is titled eNewsletter Activities, the report also includes email addresses that were unsubscribed from email campaigns.

  1. For Select Transaction Date Range, select a date range to include in the report.

  2. For Customize Report, select the criteria by which the report will be generated (for example, Email Contains Yahoo).

Note: If you want to filter for recipients who unsubscribed from an email or eNewsletter campaign, select Transaction Type for the first criteria filter, and then for the remaining criteria filters select Select From and Unsubscribe From Newsletter.

  1. Click Add.

  2. Add as many filters as you need.

  3. Click Next.

  4. For Choose columns to display, click the check boxes for the columns you want the report to display.

Note: The Subscription column displays the name of the email or eNewsletter campaign, and the Transaction Type column displays the action taken by the user.

  1. For Show Columns from left to right, in the following order, click Top, Up, Down, or Bottom to specify how the report columns will be arranged.

  2. For Sorting Preference, select the order by which the results will be sorted.

  3. Click Finish.

  4. For Report Preparation, select one of the following two options:

  1. Click Yes – Continue using Kintera Sphere and be notified via email when the report is ready to receive an email notification after the report generates.

  1. For Report Name, enter a name for the report (for example, Monthly Unsubscribe Report). Access the report via Control > Reports > My Reports.

  2. For eMail Notification, enter the email address where the notification will be sent.

  3. For eMail Message, enter a notification message.

  4. For Report Format, select the report file format.

  5. Click Run Report.

The Report is Submitted for Background Processing page appears. You will receive notification when the report is generated. Continue working in Sphere until you receive the notification email.

  1. Click No – Run the report immediately and wait for it to complete to view the results when they generate.

  1. Click Run Report.

The eNewsletter activities Report page appears with the results.