Merchandise Sales Report shows inaccurate results for number of items sold

When running the Merchandise Sales Report, users notice that the numbers are incorrect and do not match the total number of items sold when running a Sales Order query. 
This has been resolved in Altru version 3.1.

The Merchandise sales report excludes Refunds. Example: If you sold 10 merchandise items in one day and refunded 1 on that same day your quantity sold will now be 9. 

To see the total quantity sold including sales orders with refunded merchandise you can build the following query:
  1. Go to Analysis> Add a new Ad-hoc Query > Sales order as the source view
  2. Filter on Transaction date is equal to desired date
  3. Filter on Sales Order ItemType equal to merchandise
  4. Filter on Sales Order ItemDescription contains (insert merchandise name here)
  5. In the output, add:
    1. Sales Order Item\Description
    2. (SUM) Sales Order Item\Quantity
    3. Refunds > Sales Order > Lookup id



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