The option to import an HTML file in the Content Editor window of an Advanced Confirmation Email was removed on 5/17/2011.  The HTML file import option utilized a Java application that relied on a DLL file that is no longer distributed with the current version of Java.  When attempting to use the HTML file import there were issues caused by this missing DLL file that resulted in browser irregularities and other system issues (BB720983).

Alternative Solution:
  1. Open your HTML file in a program like Notepad or WordPad (Microsoft Word is not recommended, as it can cause other conflicting code to be copied over)
  2. Copy the contents of your HTML file from Notepad
  3. Open your email content in Sphere
  4. In the Content Editor window, click the HTML button (at the bottom)
  5. In the Content Editor window, paste the HTML code
  6. Click Save
    • Through Communications>eMail, you can Add the Content to your library for future use if needed.