There are a few potential causes for this issue.  Complete the following steps until the issue is resolved. Note: The Guest Services Manager at your organization has rights to view and edit discount records.

  1. Navigate to Tickets > Discounts and Promotions > Ticket and Merchandise Discounts
  2. Verify that the discount is active by seeing that it says Yes in the Active column next to the discount name.  If it is not active, click on the discount, then click Mark Active in the upper left hand corner of the screen under Tasks.
  3. Verify the Discount Type and confirm that your order meets the requirements established by the discount type:
    • For a By Quantity discount: You will need to have the required quantity of tickets already in the Order Summary for the discount to apply.  
    • For a With Required Purchase discount: You must already have the required items in the Order Summary for the discount to apply.  For instance, if the discount requires you to purchase 2 full-price tickets for the same program, then these have to be in the Order Summary in addition to the item you will be discounting.  Then, when you choose this discount it should apply correctly. 
  4. Verify whether the discount is selected for use Automatically or Manually:
    •  If this is a manual discount: You will need to select it before completing your order by clicking the Discounts and Promotions button on the Daily Sales screen, or by selecting this discount’s button on the sales screen if you have one set up
  5. Verify the type of application on the discount (Item, Order).  Only one of each application type, regardless of the discount type (manual, with quantity, etc.), can be applied to a single order.  An adjustable discount can be used in addition to one item and one order discount, if needed. 
  6. Click on the name of the discount, and go to the Purchase Details or the Price Type Details tab (the tab available depends on the Discount Type): Verify that the order meets all requirements of the discount and contains the relevant price types.
  7. If the discount is applying too many times: Edit the Purchase Details or Price Type Details and mark the box to Limit the number of times the discount may be applied.  Enter the number of times it may be applied.  Click Save.
  8. Navigate to Tickets > Ticket and merchandise discounts, and click on your discount:
    • Click the Availability tab: Make sure the discount is available for the Sales Methods you’d like and for the days you’d like.
    • Click the Programs tab: Verify that the programs the discount applies to are listed here.  If not, click Add and search for and select the programs.
    • Click the Eligibility tab: Verify that the Patron on the sales order meets all requirements. 
      • Note: If there are no requirements set up on the Eligibility tab this means all Patrons are eligible.
      • Additional Note: If Constituencies says 1, but has no constituency listed, the discount will not automatically apply. Click Edit next to Constituencies, highlight the blank row, hit the Delete key on the keyboard, then click Save.



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