Unable to copy and share or unshare existing addresses

When new addresses are added to records, the address can be copied and shared to relationships and the Household. If an address exists on a record, and not on the relationship record, this address cannot be copied or shared to the related record. Currently to work around this, duplicate addresses have to be created and copied to the related records. 

Users will notice that when they attempt to uncheck the "Copy address to household and members" or "Copy phone number to household and members" box and save the changes, the next time they edit the address or phone number the changes have not been saved.
This is feature request, allowing for sharing of addresses after adding them, is being considered for future development.  Please share your thoughts and vote on this idea in here on the Altru community.

Alternative Solution:
  1. On the Contacts tab of a Constituent record, add a new address
  2. Enter the same address type, address lines, city state and zip as the address you want to share
  3. Click Copy address to members and household
  4. Click Ok



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