Seasonal addresses not being used when performing various mailing tasks

You may have certain constituents who have seasonal addresses and therefore you will need to ensure that your communications are sent to the appropriate address. The dates of seasonal addresses are determined when you add the address to the record. You may notice that when completing certain tasks such as Appeal Mailings, Membership Renewals, or Acknowledgements, the seasonal address is not being pulled into the mailing.
The address that is chosen when performing mailing tasks is dependent upon your Address Processing options.

Ensure that the "Use seasonal address, if available" box is checked for your selected Address Processing option. To modify the settings:
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Address Processing Options
  2. Highlight the option you are using and click Edit
  3. Check the "Use seasonal address, if available" box under the Individuals and/or Households and Groups tab
If the address is still pulling incorrectly when choosing to "Use seasonal address, if available," we will also need to check the address field that is pulling in our Export Definition. In order to ensure that the address field pulls correctly for these constituents, we will want to ensure that we pull the address from the Constituent Marketing Information Node on the left. When using other address fields, the seasonal address may not pull correctly. 
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