1.  From the Design tab, in the Title field, enter a title for the poll.

2.  In the Question Field, enter the question for the poll. 

3.  In the Submit button text field, enter the text to appear on the button users click to submit their answer.

4.  In the Chart type field, select “Pie Chart or “Bar Chart.”

5.  Poll responses are limited to 255 characters. If you expect long poll answers, we recommend you enter a pixel (px) size in the Chart image width field. If you enter an image width less than a poll response, the response is truncated in the image. To correct this, adjust the pixel size in the Chart image width field. 

6.  Under Poll answers, for each answer for the poll response, enter the answer in the Answer field and click Add. The box displays the answers entered for the poll response.

7.  Arrange the order of the answers as they should appear on your website. 

•  To adjust the position of an answer in the order, select it and click Move up or Move down. 

•  To remove an answer from the box, select it and click Remove.

8.  Click Save. You return to Parts.

9. Create a new Page, including the Poll Part on the Page

10. Send an email to the desired Users, including a link to the Poll Page within the email.