1. Ensure that the new leader to-be is registered for the event as an independent participant. *Note: This option is only available for non-company leaders 
    • If the individual has another role within the pyramid (such as a Co-Leader or Team-Leader, edit this as follows:
    1. Go to Bookkeeping > Manage Initiative Records in the event
    2. Edit the participant
    3. Click on Edit Registration Information
    4. Click Become an Individual Participant
    5. Save
  2. When you have ensured the individual is an independent participant, click on Utilize Event Admin Tools within the event
  3. Click on Manage Company Pyramid
  4. Expand Independent Participants
  5. Select the new leader
  6. Hover over Edit and click Promote to a Leader
  7. Select the desired group
Once the change is completed, the existing leader will be demoted to an Independent Participant. Update this as needed.