1. Navigate to Contacts > Individuals or Contacts > Organizations
  2. Search for the records
  3. Select the 2 records to be merged
  4. Click the Merge button
  5. Select the record that should be kept
    • The financial records will be merged together
    • The Address information of the "kept" record will be maintained.  the "merged" record's address will go to the historical address tab of the "kept" record
    • The username (and its affiliated address book) and event registration of the "kept" record will populate through the initiative
    • To see how additional information merges, Click Here
  6. Click Merge
Note: Merging Contact records is not a process that will update immediately within Sphere.  Merging, deleting, and other Contact record functions that are performed take time to complete on the server side so for a short time you may still see the 2 records you attempted to merge appearing as though they were not merged.  Before attempting to merge again or contacting Support, please allow some time for the servers to catch up and update the records.