Step One: Create the event site

  1. Select Communities > Special Events > Friends Asking Friends > Kintera Thon.
  2. In the Special Events: Kintera Thon Events page, click New.
  3. For Name, enter the event’s name
    • Note: The event’s name will be seen by all visitors of the Web site. Make sure it is clear, correctly spelled, and grammatically correct. As a best practice, include date-specific information in the title of the Thon event (for example, Support Beth's 2008 Trip), especially if you have or will have multiple Thon events in the future.
  4. For Fund, select the appropriate fund or the Sphere Default Fund.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. In the confirmation page that appears, verify your information and then click Finish.

Step Two: Complete Required Fields on the Webinfo Checklist

  1. Click Event Information and complete the Event Information page as follows:
    • For Event Name, the text box is already populated with the name you assigned when you created the event. If you are satisfied with the name, no changes are necessary.
    • For Event Date, click the calendar icon to select the date when the event is to start. You can also enter the date as shown in the example on screen.
    • For End Date, click the calendar icon to select the date when the event is to end.
      • Note: Your event will not be automatically turned off on the End Date that is specified in this section. In order to end your event, you must disable it.
    • For City and State/Province, enter the appropriate information. For State/Province, enter the abbreviated version of the State or Province (for example, for California you would enter CA).
    • For Event Contact Email, enter the email address of the person you want to be contacted if site visitors have questions or comments regarding the event. Sphere will generate and send a confirmation email to the visitor, and the email address you specify will appear in the From field of the visitor's email application.
    • For Keywords, enter the specific words you want potential site visitors to type into Search engines to find your event page on the Internet.
      • This is not a required field, but you should complete it. The text box shows a list of keywords the system automatically generates. The first keyword entry is your event’s name, and the second entry is the name of the account as it appears in Sphere. Notice that each keyword is separated with a comma.
  2. Click Save to accept the changes.
  3. Click Webinfo Checklist in the Breadcrumb to return to the Event Website Creation Checklist page.
  4. Verify that Event Information contains a check mark. This indicates that you have successfully completed all required fields for Event Information.
  5. Click Fee Structure and complete the Participant Registrant Information page as follows:
  6. In the Registration Fees section, click Add Registration Type.
  7. The Add Registration Type window opens and contains three tabs: General Information, Payment Information, and Advanced. The General Information tab is in focus.
    • For Name, enter a name for the registration type or accept the default name.
      • Note: Specifying registration types enables you to create different levels and types of registrations (for example, Adults, Children, Under 12, Platinum Member, and so on).
    • For Description, enter a brief description for the registration type.
    • Select the Payment Information tab.
      • In this page, specify whether event registrants will need to pay a registration fee and how they will make payments.
      • For Are there any fees to participate for this activity?, click No.  This will create a $0 registration fee for the event host, or main participant.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Click Webinfo Checklist in the Breadcrumb to return to the Event Website Creation Checklist page.
  10. Verify that Fee Structure contains a check mark.
  11. Click Front Page Customization and complete the Front Page Customization page.
  12. Make appropriate changes and when done, click Save.
  13. Click Webinfo Checklist in the Breadcrumb.
  14. Verify that Front Page Customization contains a check mark.
  15. Click Event Text and complete the Event Text as needed.
  16. Click Save.
  17. Click Webinfo Checklist in the Breadcrumb to return to the Event Website Creation Checklist page.
  18. Verify that Event Text contains a check mark.
Step Three: Register the Main Guest or Event Honoree
  1. Click the event’s name in the breadcrumb path
  2. Click Bookkeeping.
  3. Under Add Single Transactions, click Registration Entry.
  4. Under Search for Registrant, search the database to see if the individual is already a contact to avoid creating a duplicate contact. If the individual is not in the database, click New.
  5. If the appropriate record is listed in the search results, click the option for the registrant.
  6. Make the appropriate selection for the type of registration you want (it should be the free registration type you created).
  7. Complete all required fields.
  8. Complete the registration form.
  9. Click Submit.
Step Four: Update the Website Features

  1. In the Breadcrumb path, select the event's name
  2. Click Webinfo Checklist
  3. Click Website Features
  4. Unmark the following items (this can be adjusted based on preference):
    1. Participant Registration (this prevents others from creating a fundraising page)
    2. Allow General Team Donations
    3. Booth Registration
    4. Event Teams
    5. Allow Multiple Registrations per Transaction
  5. Mark the following items (this can be adjusted based on preference):
    1. Sponsor a Participant (this allows viewers to search for the registrant's fundraising page)
  6. Edit any appropriate headers or navigational items as needed
  7. Click Save
Step Five: Update and Preview the event site  
  1. In the Event Website Checklist text box at the top of the page, select Preview for Actions.
  2. Click Update Your Event Now, and confirm that you want to update the event site.
  3. For Web address, click Go.
  4. Click OK in the pop up window that appears.
  5. The event site opens in a browser window.
  6. Preview the event site to make sure you are satisfied with it. When done, close the browser and return to the Event Website Creation Checklist page.
You may Activate your site when ready to go live.