User database sessions lock prior to the expiration of the fifteen (15) minute inactivity timeout, when logging in for the first time of the day or after a computer reboot

This issue may present itself in a few possible scenarios:

For Windows users that do not have rights to make changes to the registry, these users will not be timed out if they use File, Exit and then attempt to launch The Raiser's Edge after 15 minutes of inactivity.

For Windows users that access The Raiser's Edge on a terminal server where User Account Control (UAC) has been disabled, it is possible for a user to experience the timed out message when logging in, if another Windows user has closed The Raiser's Edge using File, Exit or clicking ‘X’ 15 minutes prior to this.

For Windows users that close The Raiser's Edge using File, Exit or clicking ‘X’ and then reboot or log off of a workstation, it is possible that the user will experience the timed out message when logging in the next time that the program is launched, if 15 or more minutes have elapsed since the Raiser’s Edge was closed out of.
Download and install the latest patch, which contains all fixes from previous patches. If you are running an older version, download and install the latest version and then the patch. 

Workarounds (if using patch 25 or earlier of version 7.91.5056):

1.  Go to File, Exit and Sign Out when closing out of The Raiser's Edge; or
2.  Grant full control permissions to the Windows account of the affect user to the following registry key:
If a 32-bit operating system:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blackbaud\REINI\The Raiser’s Edge 7\General
If a 64-bit operating system:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Blackbaud\REINI\The Raiser’s Edge 7\General


 Version 7.91.5056, patch 10
 7.91.5056, patch 26

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