In most cases this warning will appear because a check was written for only a portion of the obligation.  Most users will split an obligation into two prior to writing a check. However, the system does have the functionality to allow paying only a part of the obligation or invoice. When this is done, the obligation will show in the vendor activity tab more than once. You will see part paid on a check and the rest either still at an earlier stage.  The warning is to note that the check amount does not agree with the total obligation amount.  No action needs to be taken.  Once the rest of the obligation is paid, it will no longer show on the ots971 report.

It has been seen in rare instances when something has happened on a check posting where the dollar amount shown on the check run was actually incorrect. If this is the case, after thorough research the following steps can be taken. This research includes seeing what posted to GL and how the obligation appears throughout AP.
1.  Have all users log out of Accounts Payable.
2.  Verify you have a current backup of your division.
3.  Sign into Division 00 - System Administration
4.  Select System Utilities -> System Management -> Execute Program:

         Program:  OCW228
         Switch:  20
         Parameter:  N

5.  At 'Are your entries correct?', type Yes.
6.  Select C to C)hange
7.  At Run, enter the run number
8.  At Obligation, enter the obligation number
9.  At Unique, enter 0
10.  At Enter field to be changed, type 10
11.  Change the amount in this field to be the correct amount of the check, press Enter
12.  Press Enter to accept.
13.  A message appears at the bottom of the screen stating, Check has been changed.
14.  Press Esc and select E to E)nd.

If the check has been imported into Integrated Bank Reconciliation you also need to run APCheckMaint.exe to update the amounts in IBR.

Whenever the OTS971 diagnostic is run, the OTS970 should also be run with a switch of 1, as it will often show issues on the same obligation and may point out another problem.
If corrections are made as above, the OTS971 report should be run afterward to see that all has been resolved.