Download the programs from an earlier version of Bank Rec to access these fields.  Then put the current version programs back in, because there are several changes to improve the product that you don't want to lose.

1.  On the server, with no one in FundWare, and a good Division Maintenance backup, open Explorer and go to FundWare\7.xx\Bin\TPBR.  (On 7.31 and higher, there are 18 items in the TPBR folder, and all 18 can be replaced by the 14 in the download.)

2.  Highlight all the items that are in the TPBR folder and move them to another location on the drive where they can easily be picked up later to move back in. (You can set up a temporary folder to put them in). 

3.  Unzip the file and extract the 14 items to Fundware\7.xx\Bin\TPBR.

4.  Open Bank Reconciliation and correct the beginning balance/date and click OK.

5.  Log out of FundWare again, and then delete the 14 items in the TPBR file and copy the original ones you moved out back in.  If 7.31 or higher, make sure to copy the original 18 items back.

6.  Log back into Bank Reconciliation and make sure you can still open both the register and the Reconciliation , then you can continue processing bank reconciliation.