Solution 1:
1. Log into division 00 (System Administration).
2. Click System Utilities.
3. Enter program PYL901, no switches and no parameters.
4. Enter the current business date.
5. Select division where the error is occurring.
6. Run the program.  This creates a PYL901.L## report that lists any duplicated data items.
7. If duplicated data items appear on the report, run the same program with a switch of 1. This deletes one of the duplications.  If no duplicated items are listed on the report, proceed with Solution 2.

Solution 2:
The error is due to core having a higher instance ID than the voiding program can handle. To correct this, run the following script on the server, with no one in Fundware. At the server, as Administrator, go to the root of the drive Fundware is on and type the following commands:

C:\> osql –E (changing to the drive letter fundware is on)
1>use AFWCore
1>delete from central
2>update instance set instanceid = 2
(you should get ### rows affected ) from the central table
(you should get 1 row affected) from the instance table.

Solution 3:
Reorg the Payroll and Bank files (##py* and ##br*, where ## is your 2 digit division number)