Verify everyone is out of Fundware and there is a valid backup of the division  (49978), then do the steps below:

1.  Go to Payroll > Setup > Payroll Parameter> type in D to Display and press Enter to view field #2 - User Options
2.  Verify the Post to A/P setting is set to "Y". (If this was not set to "Y", change it to "Y", and remember to change it back when the following steps are
3.  Run a summary master records list of all historical data items.  From the Report Manager select Payroll/Personnel Module, select Master Record Lists for
the Report Category, select the report Historical data Items List, click on Produce and click OK.
4.  Once the summary has been run, browse the report to the right. This will show the last column called "A/P Vendor". Check this column for the vendor that
produced the phantom obligation.  Write down the data items that have this A/P vendor.
5.  Go to Payroll > Setup > Define Historical Data items.
6.  Select "C" for Change, type in the data item from the list in step 4 above.  Go to field 3 "Post to Vendor".
7.  Hold the Control button down while pressing the Home button to erase any characters or ghost characters that may have been in this field.
8. From 00 System Administration, go to System Utilities.
9.  Purge the obligations using program OTS945, no switches, no parameters.  This will purge obligations in a range.  If the obligation numbers are not in
sequential order, it will be necessary to purge them one at a time.
10. Once the obligation(s) have been purged, from 00 System Administration, System Utilities, run the program ots988, no switches, no parameters.  This program will remove the phantom vendor.
11. Rename the  ##oti and ##oti.idx files to xxoti and the FundWare\Data folder, where ## is your 2 digit division number.
12. From 00 System Administration, System Utilities, run the program ots990, no switches, no parameters.