Following are three different solutions for file corruption.  Try each of the solutions in order until your issue is resolved:

Solution 1:  Rebuild the file.

1.  Verify that you have a valid backup and all users are logged out of Fundware.
(**If you are at a version below 7.30, the System Utility steps below are accessed through the Classic menus under System Utilities,  System Management,  Execute Program.)
2.  At 7.30 and above, select File, Open Fundware.
3.  Verify that 00 System Administration appears in the drop down box, click OK.
4.  Select System Administration, and select System Utilities.
5.  Enter the following in the Execute Program portion of the screen:
               Program Name                   AFW800
               Switches                       <blank>
               Parameters                     AFW807
               Business Date                  Use today's date
               Division                       Select the appropriate division.
               Click Run.
6.  Press Enter at the blue screen.
7.  The DOS prompt appears on a black screen.
8.  Click anywhere on the black screen to put the cursor next to the data prompt.
9.  At the DOS prompt, type: del tp*.* (press Enter)
10.  Type: dir sye*.* (press Enter)  It should say "File not found."
11.  Type: dir   *.sq (press Enter).  It should say "File not found."
(**instead of ## for the following steps, insert your division number for the files)
12.  Type:  copy  ##glp*.*    xxglp*.*  (press Enter).
13.  Type:  rename    ##glp*.*    99glp*.* (press Enter).
14.  Type:  rebuild  99glp,##glp    /d  (press Enter).
You should receive the message "rebuilding of corrupt data completed - records read =  ##
Corrupt records recovered =  ##" when it completes
15.  Type:  exit (press Enter)

If there were any errors or discrepancies in the steps above, contact Fundware Support.  If the error was on the rebuild, you need to proceed to Solution 2 or Solution 3.

Solution 2:
If there are data corruption errors received on the ##GLP file where ## is your division number, restore these files (##GLP and ##GLP.idx) from a reliable backup.

Solution 3:
If there are no or few recurring or saved batches, delete the glp files and the system recreates them when you go back in.  If neither of the other solutions worked, this is the only option.  Existing entries should be printed out for re-entry if possible.