• Ensure all constituents in the report have a Birth Date: 
    1. Create a Constituent query
    2. On the Criteria tab, select Constituent Information > Age (not blank),  or Constituent Information > Birth date (not blank)
    3. Save the query
    4. Create a Tallies report and select the query on the General tab
    5. Run the Tallies report again
  • Ensure that your database's Donor Age Analysis Codes table has been configured:
    1. Go to Config, Tables 
    2. Select the Donor Age Analysis table 
    3. Enter one or more values to ensure this table is complete, per your specifications 
      NOTE: The table will 'fill in'. For example, if you enter only 2 values (1 and 100), your donors will fill into a 1-99 group and the 100+ group. Each entry becomes the maximum entry for the previous value.