FundWare does not keep an event log of users' activity.  There are areas in the software where the user ID will be listed. 

The user ID is displayed when viewing who posted a Journal Entry batch.  The user who posted an entry shows when reprinting trace reports and on the GL transaction log.
Account Detail and Ledger Reports can be set up to also print the user.

For payroll, if the Payroll parameter is set in field 2 with a Y at "Log Emp Maint" a detailed log will be kept of which data items were changed by which user on any employee. It can then be printed with several options under Payroll, Reports, Predefined Reports, Employee Change Log.

There is also a summary report in Report Manager, Module Payroll, User-Defined Reports, Employee Record Update Report. It shows the user, and the date and time an employee was changed.
The Employee Change Log in Item 2, has more information, as this one is only a summary, using the data item .TRC USER. If the UPDAT report is not on a system, a report can be added.

There is a similar data item in Accounts Payable, called .OTRC USER, which will return the last user changing the obligation.  This data item can be found on User Defined Vendor and Obligation reports .

For internal control, in Accounts Payable, if the field on obligation entry is used, for "authorized by", this will appear in the Vendor, Vendor Activity Drill down on the Revision History tab. It will also show when the Invoice History Report is run through Report Manager, Module Accounts Payable, PO/Invoice Reports, Invoice History report. There is a field labeled "History Note" and the person who authorized the entry shows there.  In case of questions, this name could be compared with the user showing on the trace reports.