This is an example of a report that can be created to combine this type of information.  The definition below creates a report with the vendor name, address, current paid and the invoice date.  Columns can be added or changed for the data items desired in the report.

1.  From the Report Manager, select Module Accounts Payable, select User-Defined Vendor Reports.
2.  Click on New.
3.  Setup the report as follows:

Report name........: VEND                                   Changed.: 02/14/2008
                                                            User....: 00101
 1) Report group...:
    Title..........: vendor
    Lines per page.:  60

 2) Report options
    Page totals....: N - No page totals on each page.
    Break totals...: Y - Print total for change in sort
    Report totals..: N - No totals for report.
    Report spacing.: 1 - Single space detail of report.
    Suppress zero..: N - Print all selected records.

                     3) Col Type of info                   Value from/Calc                     Print
                        === ============================== =================================== =====
                         A  I - Data item column.          .NAME,value                         A  20
                                name /
                         B  I - Data item column.          .STREET1,value                      A  20
                                street /
                         C  I - Data item column.          .STREET2,value                      A  20
                                street /
                         D  I - Data item column.          .CITY,value                         A  20
                                city /
                         E  I - Data item column.          .STP,value                          A  20
                                state zip /
                         F  I - Data item column.          .CUR PAID,value                     A  20
                                cur paid /
                         G  I - Data item column.          .OINV DATE,value                    A  20
                                date /

For more detailed instructions for setting up user-defined reports in Accounts Payable, refer to the Accounts Payable Guide.