In order to have a batch automatically create default soft credits for constituents set up to do so, the OverrideDefaultSoftCredits property of each gift will need to be set to False before setting the Constituent ID property.  Once that has been done, at the end of processing for the gift the OverrideDefaultSoftCredits property will need to be set to True with the CBatchTemp's UpdatePromptFlag property set to ePromptFlag_SC.  The following code demonstrates the use of these properties:

Set oGift = oTempRec.DataObject
    With oGift
        oGift.OverrideDefaultSoftCredits = False
        'TSH  Setting the record ID will create default soft credits and matching gifts unless override is turned on
        .Fields(GIFT_fld_Constit_ID) = lRecID
        .Fields(GIFT_fld_Type) = moCTS.StaticTableTranslation(staticnumGiftTypes, staticentryGiftType_Cash)
        .Fields(GIFT_fld_GiftSubType) = ValidCodeTableEntry(moSC, tbnumGiftSubTypes, GST_ALBERT_LEA)
        .Fields(GIFT_fld_Date) = moFF.FormatDate(BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.Date), fmtDATEMDY)
        '' amount in lockbox has no decimals, ie $25 is represented as 2500
        .Fields(GIFT_fld_Amount) = CDbl(oBox.LockBox.Amount) / 100
        .Fields(GIFT_fld_Post_Status) = moCTS.StaticTableTranslation(staticnumPostStatus, staticentryPostStatusNotPosted)

        .Fields(GIFT_fld_Post_Date) = moFF.FormatDate(Now(), fmtDATEMDY)
        If Len(BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.FundID)) <> 0 Then
            .Fields(GIFT_fld_Fund) = moUtility.GetFundDescription(moUtility.GetFundID(BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.FundID), True), moUtility.FundUseShortDesc)

            If Len(.Fields(GIFT_fld_Fund)) = 0 Then
                sErrMsg = BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.FundID) & " is not a valid fund ID."
                If Len(BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.CampaignID)) <> 0 Then
                    .Fields(GIFT_fld_Campaign) = moUtility.GetCampaignDescription(moUtility.GetCampaignID(BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.CampaignID), True), moUtility.CampaignUseShortDesc)

                    If Len(.Fields(GIFT_fld_Campaign)) = 0 Then
                        sErrMsg = IIf(sErrMsg <> "", vbCrLf, "") & sErrMsg & BBTrim(oBox.LockBox.CampaignID) & " is not a valid campaign ID."

                    End If
                End If
            End If
        End If
    End With
    oGift.OverrideDefaultSoftCredits = True
    moBatchTemp.SaveGift oGift, oTempRec.Fields(moBatchTemp.GetFA.Count + 2), eLoadForAll
    Set oTempRec.DataObject = oGift

    'TSH  Tell batch that soft credits are already done, otherwise showing the soft credit form in batch will add
    '   the default soft credits again
    moBatchTemp.UpdatePromptFlag ePromptFlag_SC, lBatchTempID

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