To install Advanced Printer Control, the client will need to be licensed to use it.
When purchasing a new 20 Pines (Accufund) product, the order will go through Sales. Blackbaud's Production Department then sends out a  Registration key for the Product to the client.
The Product can also be downloaded as below, but the Registration key needs to come from Production.

  1. Log into the server as the local administrator.
  2. Download the APC installer file from the support website FundWare 20 Pines.
  3. Unzip the download.
  4. Using Add/Remove programs, install APC from the APC folder.
  5. Check all options that the client is licensed for (APC, EFT, Web Reporter, etc) along with Sample Forms and Sample Reports.
  6. Once the install is complete, close Add/Remove Programs.
  7. If you have an existing APC install on a different server, copy the *.tps files from the old server's APC folder to the new server's APC folder.
  8. Launch APC and create the initial user, if needed. FundWare recommends using "101" in the top two boxes and "pcfund" in the bottom two boxes.