This Knowledgebase solution includes a download for a step by step screen shot guide for the instructions below.

  1. Log in as the local administrator on the FundWare Server
  2. On FundWare SQL Server open the SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Expand the MSSQLSERVER instance, Databases, AFWCore, Tables
  4. Right click on dbo.CN_Division or dbo.Division and select:
    • SQL Server 2005 - Open Table
    • SQL Server 2008 - Select top 200 Rows
  5. Compare the list of DivsionID's with currently attached databases in SQL
  6. The ID ## will correspond to the AFW## under the Databases Folder
    • Example: Division ID 02 will be an attached SQL database called AFW02
  7. Right click Databases, then Tasks and Attach the missing SQL database(s)
  8. If unable to locate the SQL database, temporary databases need to be created for each SQL database that is not attached
  9. Backup AFWCore database
    • Right click AFWCore then select Tasks and Back Up
  10. Restore the AFWCore backup to database: AFW##. Repeat this step for each missing SQL Database
  11. If a SQL Database is attached but not listed in the table, this can be ignored
  12. Once all Divisions listed in the core table are attached in SQL run Convert.exe from the bin folder
  13. In the convert window uncheck all temporarily created Division(s); only check the live Division(s) and run convert